Generation Troubleshooting

Common Issues with Custom Plot Roads

World generated without roads

Reasons for this error

  • If you have FAWE installed the generation will not work, causing no roads to appear

  • If you are not using Paper as your server jar, this may cause the roads to not appear

How to fix this error

  1. Uninstall FAWE

  2. Restart the server

  3. Make sure there is nobody on the server

  4. Type /plot regenallroads {WorldName}

  5. Wait until the console tells you it is complete (should take 2-5 minutes)

  6. Rejoin the server and your plot world should have roads!

You can reinstall FAWE once you see that the roads have generated

Not Working?

Do not worry! This is a common issue. Please create a ticket on our Discord and a support representative will help you resolve this issue.

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